Duplicate Copies of
Certificates of Completion

At the completion of our course, every student that attended the 8 hour class will receive a Certificate of Completion and instructions to make sure that they put it in a safe place:-)  We do keep copies of each student's certificate on file at our offices for 3 years.

As of September 1st, 2014 we will be charging a fee of $10.00 for duplicate certificates.   Upon request and receipt of payment you will receive your copy, usually within 48 hours.  

Please note- Insurance Discounts are typically good for 3 years.  If you took the class 3+ years ago, it may not work with your insurance company.  No refunds for duplicate copies will be issued once you receive it.

To receive a duplicate certificate please complete the form below:

Name of Student:
(as it appears on license)
Driver's License number of student:

Name of person requesting certificate:

Contact phone number:

Month and year of class, if known:

Preferred method of receiving copy:

Email, Fax # or address to mail copy:

Credit card #:

Exp Date:

3 Digit Code on back of card or 4 Digits on front for AMEX:

Billing zip code: