GPS Vehicle Tracking and 
                 the Teen Driver
Remember when you first got your keys?  It was your ticket to freedom, your right of passage.  But looking back, it was probably the most dangerous time of your life.  Most of us were fearless, had no sense of mortality and with the slightest bit of peer pressure from a friend, did some pretty stupid stuff.  Just think back and try to remeber the craziest thing you ever did.

Now it's time to hand the keys to your child.  Wish you could be in the passenger seat all the time?  Make sure they are making good decisions?  Give them an "out" when they are being pressured by friends to speed or drive recklessly?

Now you can. 

With a GPS tracking unit, you can monitor your teen's location and be notified when they speed, drive recklessly or even when they leave or enter set areas that you designate.  Protect what matters most for only about $1.33 a day,

Giving the keys to your teen for the first time can be both a happy and scary moment for parents.
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